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Notary's office for advice and preparation of public documents

People who require any procedure related to instruments and public documentation on events of legal significance, may request advice from Mr. Salvador Farrés Ripoll or Mr. Salvador Farrés Reig, or make their queries through this website, where they will find information on the most relevant topics. The notary is obliged to give legal advice, interpret, shape and authenticate the will of all parties, especially those most in need of protection, in accordance with the law (Article 147 of the Notarial Regulations).


A notarial will, whether open (with a Notary) or sealed, legally conveys posthumous wishes, with specific requirements to consider.

Marriage agreements

Marriage agreements, known as prenuptial agreements, allow spouses to regulate their financial relations. They must be notarized for validity.

Protection measures for family members with disabilities

We offer support measures for disabled family members, including decision-making assistance, financial assistance and independent living support.


Spanish laws define how estates are managed after death. A will is a common legal tool to fulfill the deceased's wishes regarding their assets.


Notaries can now officiate marriages, offering a quicker and more efficient option compared to traditional methods.

Child recognition

Recognizing a child is a crucial legal act, ensuring a child's identity and parentage, safeguarding their rights and well-being.


Donations are a swift way to aid individuals or groups. In Barcelona, notarial donations ensure legal security for asset or cash transfers.

Separations and divorces

Notarized separation or divorce is a growing trend with distinct financial and personal consequences.


A notarial record is a crucial public document, serving as vital proof for various situations, including presence, notification, declarations, and life certificates.

Purchase and sale

Choosing the right notary for property transactions involves factors like location and availability, especially for transactions.

Powers of Attorney

In situations where someone can't be present for a legal matter, a notarized power of attorney is essential to grant legal representation.

Conciliation proceedings

In complex modern societies, conflicts often lead to legal disputes. However, notarial mediations offer a more practical and direct resolution.

Personal loans and mortgages

Mortgages are crucial for real estate transactions. A trustworthy notary is essential for drafting the legally binding public deed, a critical contract.

Children's emancipation

People differ in interests, skills, and personality, not just physically. Some mature faster and can legally take care of themselves before reaching the legal age of majority.

Debt collection

Notaries like Notaría Farrés bring peace of mind for debt collection. They formalize agreements, ensuring legal security and mediating disputes.


Notarial bonds ensure legal compliance effectively and hold special privileges when enforcing agreements through the courts.

Amicable resolutions of marital crises

Despite good intentions, marriages may not end well. When separation is necessary, an amicable resolution through a notary is often the best approach.

Granting of powers of attorney

A notarized power of attorney streamlines legal procedures and simplifies daily business operations, including forming a business entity.

Incorporation or dissolution of a company

Notaries play a vital role in ensuring legal business formation, granting companies legal status to operate securely.

Financing of companies

Financing is vital for business success, but it's not always easy. Notaries offer expert guidance to help businesses navigate legal pathways to achieve their goals.


In the dynamic, competitive business world, new ventures and mergers are common. These amalgamations bring advantages to companies, best executed through notarial processes.

Real estate leasing

Real estate leasing is a thriving financing option, and involving a notary is a secure way to benefit from it.

Spin-offs and transformations

Notaries play a crucial role in corporate transformations and splits, essential for any business considering such changes.

Transfer of patents and trademarks

Patents are vital in modern societies, considered as assets for companies. They are intangible properties, transferable and mortgageable.

Transfer of shares and participations

The transfer of shares in companies is essential in the business world, involving legal and tax aspects that need careful consideration.

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Professional and experienced notaries with great experience in the preparation of public documents in Barcelona

Professional team in charge of providing you with information and legal advice on policies, deeds, minutes and testimonials. Our notaries, Salvador Farrés Ripoll and Salvador Farrés Reig, have extensive experience drafting public documents in the city and have been advising clients for years.

Origins of the Notary's Office

Farrés Ripoll Notaría

Passeig de Gràcia

The notary’s office, in its beginnings, was located at Passeig de Gracia 101 (Barcelona) and it was the beginning of the notary Salvador Farrés Ripoll. A central location in the city of Barcelona in which to offer their professional services in an excellent way and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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